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Adrienne Tien, MA








Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #89100

Supervised by Tiffany Ann Dzioba, PsyD, LMFT #51595

I work with individuals, couples, and teens, exploring the present and past to gain the greater awareness that I believe leads to more potential for choice and desired change.   My strength lies in empathy, connection, and acceptance.  Using relational therapy, we will honor your unique self, social circumstances, perspectives and goals.


Often, we seek a therapist because of emotional pain, a troubling relationship, or a desire to make a change in our lives.  I believe that growing and changing begins with the process of recognizing and catalyzes with acceptance.  I use mindfulness and relational listening to elevate awareness and build behavioral confidence.  In our work together, you will gain skills to be your most resilient self.


I am honored to assist my clients as they identify issues, overcome stuck patterns and elevate self-regard.  My work with everyone is grounded in the idea of self-compassion.   I have a special affinity for motivating artists, transforming the wounds of the heart, and aiding individuals and their families experiencing First Episode Psychosis (FEP).


Adrienne holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. The services provided by Adrienne are supervised by Tiffany Ann Dzioba, PsyD, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #51595 and Yisraela Hayman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #53250. 


We are a nonprofit community counseling agency, committed to expanding access to supportive services. With compassion, collaboration, and respect we provide affordable mental health care including programs that strengthen adults, youth, families, and communities. 


We believe mental health care is a right, not a privilege. By providing affordable mental health services and effective community programs we increase access and utilization of supportive services that contribute to improved adult, youth, and family functioning. We are certain this will lead to fortified communities in Los Angeles.


We offer sincere gratitude to our Board Members for their support and invaluable guidance, view our Board Roster HERE.

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