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Claudia Hernandez, MA








Supervised by Maxine Hughes, LMFT #93757


Learn how to express yourself so that you are heard and understood by the ones you love. 

I work with families, couples, and individuals to break generational patterns that no longer serve them. We all deserve to be connected with ourselves, our children, and our loved ones and I hold a special place in my heart for co-parents who want to put their children first but can't figure out how to collaborate effectively.

Most of us struggle with ineffective communication, and when partners want to be closer but can't get there on their own, I can help. When co-parenting feels like gridlock, I can guide collaboration absent toxic deterrents. I invite my clients to explore the courage and balance that already exists in some areas of life to build on those experiences and bridge gaps in self-confidence. In collaboration, we create a safe space to connect and relate from intentional intimacy.


Healing and growth require self-compassion and self-awareness. I help clients show up for themselves and I choose to work alongside therapists who are inclusive, humanitarian, and invested in expanding mental health access. We can grow potential on purpose. 


Claudia holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. The services provided by Claudia are supervised by Our Clinical Team


We are a nonprofit community counseling agency, committed to expanding access to supportive services. With compassion, collaboration, and respect we provide affordable mental health care including programs that strengthen adults, youth, families, and communities. 


We believe mental health care is a right, not a privilege. By providing affordable mental health services and effective community programs we increase access and utilization of supportive services that contribute to improved adult, youth, and family functioning. We are certain this will lead to fortified communities in Los Angeles.


We are sincerely grateful to Our Board Members for their support and invaluable guidance.

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