Kiki Robinson, MA







Legal name: Keonna Robinson

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #96565

Supervised by Tiffany Ann Dzioba, PsyD, LMFT #51595

As a trauma focused therapist I use mindful practice, art therapy, and adaptive exploration to help my clients find lasting relief from the strife's of adulting, anxiety, depression and complex trauma including PTSD. I equally help folks resolve grief, the overwhelming kind that comes with loss that is too soon, too big or fertility related. When we master agency we take real control over our lives. 


I am successful with individuals, couples and families who want to resolve disconnect, build trust and grow healthy communication skills. I help my clients build a safe emotional space to explore the intersecting influences of identity —ethnicity, sexual orientation, environment, traditions, rituals, or spirituality. 


We all deserve help when we are confused, I understand the processes and tools that nurture ability to manage our circumstances better, which always results in building lasting confidence and reliable trust in self and others. I welcome an opportunity to meet you for a consultation in person or by video conference. 


Kiki holds Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. The services provided by Kiki are supervised by Tiffany Ann Dzioba, PsyD, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #51595 and Yisraela Hayman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #53250. 


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