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Lindsay Tasse, MA





Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #106448

Supervised by Tiffany Ann Dzioba, PsyD, LMFT #51595

With the right skills and support, anyone can become more empowered and resilient. As a holistically trained therapist, I teach how the mind and body are connected, I help my clients strengthen this connection to build self-awareness and mindful relationships to self and others. I also use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Expressive Arts that help reshape patterns and behaviors to accomplish real change. My support is anchored in my ability to see your strengths and help you build strategic paths toward your goals. My purpose is to empower people with the skills that they need to self-heal.


I have worked with children and families for 22 years in diverse settings, the past three years in the mental health field. Social justice issues are at the heart of my volunteer work and career. I am highly successful with adolescents, adults, and couples working to emotionally regulate grief and loss, heal trauma, and or resolve conflicts. My work with couples stems from my personal experience using Imago and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy skills to increase highly effective and compassionate communication paths.


I respect the gravity and courage that is necessary to participate in therapy, and I appreciate the balance of adding creativity and humor into sessions. The therapeutic journey is rife with potential and my role is to genuinely be present for people experiencing a myriad of emotions, no matter how difficult this may prove, and to celebrate accomplishments wholeheartedly.


I am proud to offer, apart from psychotherapy, The Emotion Code™ Program. I am a Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner and I would love to help integrate this path of healing with psychotherapy or provide it as a stand-alone option. Please reach me for details.  


Lindsay holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. The services provided by Lindsay are supervised by Tiffany Ann Dzioba, PsyD, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #51595 and Yisraela Hayman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #53250.


We are a nonprofit community counseling agency, committed to expanding access to supportive services. With compassion, collaboration, and respect we provide affordable mental health care including programs that strengthen adults, youth, families, and communities. 


We believe mental health care is a right, not a privilege. By providing affordable mental health services and effective community programs we increase access and utilization of supportive services that contribute to improved adult, youth, and family functioning. We are certain this will lead to fortified communities in Los Angeles.


We offer sincere gratitude to our Board Members for their support and invaluable guidance, view our Board Roster HERE.

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