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Change what you know and how you feel about UR potential. Our GROUPS are intensive approaches to expanding a particular area of development. Our group facilitators use guided discovery to help information stick. Exploration within a group provides each participant with the added opportunity of relating to others in similar positions.

Is there a right way to worry?

This is a FREE process group in support of emotional wellbeing during COVID-19

Third Thursday 

of each month

5:00 PM PST

Most of us are familiar with worry and grief. But what happens when we add shelter-in-place, job loss, and economic crisis to these already complicated emotions? Overwhelmed is a natural emotional response to COVID-19 but there is a RESILIENT way to worry...

Let's talk about the CHOICE we all have to support our resilience during these turbulent times. 


Teachers & Counselors In Transition Support Group


11:00 AM PST

We are a community intent upon growing past limiting beliefs, focused on resolving the obstacles that derail emotional confidence, empathy, and quality self-care. We are motivated to nurture coping skills, inner strength, joy, and wellbeing. In this biweekly group, we help each other grow power that supports clear choice, real change, and personal fulfillment.


Most importantly, this group is the gateway to a thriving network of educators committed to social change, continuous cycles of learning, and a safe space for reflection. Upon completion of this workgroup, you will have access to our collaborative and practical resources that will nourish your capacity to stay present with the students you enlighten. This series REQUIRES registration.


Self-compassion Is A Skill


6:00 PM PST

Those who have THIS SKILL are less anxious, less shameful, and less insecure. This 8-week workgroup supports your ability to THRIVE ON PURPOSE! If you struggle with self-critical thoughts, social anxiety, doubt that loops in circles, or if your relationships disappoint you often this group is for you. 


This workshop will focus on the practical ways mindfulness can tame the struggle that keeps anxiety churning up in our lives. For most, even when you understand anxiety it can be impossible to PRACTICE the kindness and care you deserve, this workshop will pull you past your resistance, liberate you from shame, and have you doing the work that allows you to THRIVE. 


QTPOC Parent Support Group


11:00 AM PST

If you are a parent of a BIPOC LGBTQ+ youth who is struggling to respond to your child, we can help. We are parents that want to help you navigate your confusion and restore your family alliance. This group will provide guidance specificly for BIPOC familes and connect you to the resources you deserve during this vital development journey.

When we meet basic fears with empathy and accurate information we heal conflict and build mutual resolves that empower our families. Most of us have similar initial questions so we work together to grow confidence and sustainable community. You are not alone and reliable aproaches to parenting BIPOC LGBTQ+ youth do exist. Join this group for the support your family deserves.


Process Group for New Fathers


10:00 AM PST

Being a new father can be an amazing experience, however, it can also be stressful and overwhelming. You are now responsible for your child in addition to the responsibilities that you had before. New fathers often feel like they’re constantly juggling between priorities, lack of sleep, and keeping their partners happy.

We understand how difficult and strenuous this new role can be. By sharing our experiences we can grow skills and become equipped to manage our new responsibilities with greater confidence. Group therapy is affordable, provides multiple perspectives, and is helpful for developint ways to process difficult issues. Embrace the support that helps you manage stress and put balance back into your life.