Imagination Is Creation

Two weeks ago we introduced The 9 Mental Skills of Success. Research supports that the development of these nine skills enhances performance, contributes to gratification, and leads to more successes. Mental Imagery Practice makes the list.

Mental Imagery Practice, also referred to as visualization, is a technique used to help you imagine. It is an age-old relaxation technique, and regular practice has specific resemblance to the effects of meditation. This same technique is highly regarded as a pain management tool. Neuroscience research demonstrates how experience in our imagination can be as physically and emotionally powerful as actual experience.

And its super easy to do, anytime, anywhere!

Select an image of a peaceful scene: the beach, a park, or forestry

Allow your mind to explore the scene, for about a minute

With eyes open or closed, enrich the image by adding details to it: a hammock, an umbrella, a blanket, anything that you might naturally take to this place

Now join the scene, imagine being there: what do you feel, smell, taste—utilize all of the body’s senses. For example, splash in the water, listen to the leaves rattle on the tree, be in scene

You can readily find images that speak to your specific taste all over the internet by searching “nature scene screensavers.” These images are usually license free, so share what you find with our community on Pinterest or email them to us… we would love to have them!


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