The Little Engine That Could

When you believe in your ability to do something, it enhances your ability to do it, this fact has been proven by decades of research. But, why? Is it the result of healthy self-esteem or robust confidence? How does confidence differ from self-esteem?

Self-esteem reflects how favorably a person regards themselves and their own self-worth. It showcases the belief that they are a good, lovable, and worthwhile person. Confidence, however, is a person’s sureness about their ability in a particular arena… “I am excellent at math” or “I have the best three-point in the league.”

While self-esteem and confidence support one another, they are not synonymous. One can have healthy self-esteem and struggle with confidence. For example, an individual with great self-esteem, may lack confidence in taking on a leadership role at work. One can have low self-esteem, but still hold confidence about a particular skill they believe they perform well.

Our perspective is that confidence is easier to improve. Confidence grows with a simple phrase: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… If you think you CAN, you most likely WILL, and your first success will build confidence for future success. Consider an arena in your life that you would like to improve. If you desire support with confidence or self-esteem we can help you growURpotential. Request a FREE Consultation today.


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