The Ultimate Meltdown

Emotions are wicked, right. Nobody wants to lose the emo battle, but many of us do. We all know emotion is initiated by biology, we can’t stop it from coming if we try. But did you know that our reaction to emotion is pure choice?

Oftentimes, the lack of practice exercising choice over emotions can make us believe we don’t have a choice. Without emotional intelligence, we run around like auto-bots, fueled up on impulses that have the potential to rule our existence. But emotional intelligence is a skillset, a set of specific and learnable abilities.

You can call it “a hissy fit”, “throwing a tantrum”, “having a meltdown”, or “losing your sh*t” but all these terms describe the same thing: a lack of self-regulation. Part of the emotional intelligence skillset, self-regulation is reflection and thoughtfulness followed by acceptance. Easier said than done, even Gandhi had struggles at times and that’s why practice is so important.

Self-regulation is integrity… a person has to specifically want to change. If you don’t mind public meltdowns, then emotional intelligence is not for you. But when desire becomes a motivation for you, fortify the ability to say no to impulsive urges with sincere practice.

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If you are in crisis or in need of immediate support please call:

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