Be A Student of Philosophy

A good mind, by definition, is one that processes well. Exploration of philosophy feeds curiosity, enhances problem solving skills, and makes us more confident about thinking for ourselves.

The study of philosophy forces the mind to bend, stretch, and never be done growing. The act of debating philosophy creates opportunity for reflective conversations that elevate emotional intelligence and leadership capacity. Check out the research, its abundantly clear that the study of philosophy IS the vehicle to a good mind!

Based upon this knowing, hundreds of movies depict great philosophers, include philosophical topics, and portray philosophical thought experiments. MUBI curator Matt Whitlock has a must see list: Essential Movies for a Student of Philosophy.

According to Whitlock "Some thinkers sound like they are brilliantly laying out real solutions to real problems, some seem like they may be saying something insightful but are just not articulate enough, some are just too esoteric to tell and some are just simply on drugs."

Take it in, let your mind process information of all kinds, then allow your own brilliance to decide what you keep and what you toss out. Most importantly, be curious and learn always.

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