Anti-Oppressive Framework Support


The anti-oppressive framework is the method and process by which we understand how systems of oppression such as colonialism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and ableism can result in individual discriminatory actions and structural/systemic inequalities for particular groups in our society.


Dominelli (2002) defines it, "in challenging established truths about identity, anti-oppressive practice seeks to subvert the stability of universalized biological representations of social division to both validate diversity and enhance solidarity based on celebrating difference amongst peoples" (p. 39)

Resilience is the ability to stay focused, curious and optimistic even in the face of challenges. We train professionals who teach, mentor, or advocate for youth how to become resilient teachers. We inspire healing from burnout and restore hope in our ability to fortify this next generation. 

Our Mission is to train ADULTs to be responsive and engaged in a proven practice of relationships centered in communication principles that help children and youth develop the necessary skills to overcome and manage circumstances of life.



Who is this training for?

Professionals who want to utilize Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to enhance communication and engagement strategies with children and youth. Anyone who is committed to deepening their skill for working with students is welcome. 


Public and Private School Educators


Higher Education Professionals


Counselors & Social Workers


Health and Wellness Professionals


Youth Advocates

What will you learn?


        Living & Teaching Permanent Principles


        Breaking Through Barriers to Communications

        Eliminating Power Struggles with Children and Youth


Trauma-informed Engagement with Youth 


Methods of Practice That Embrace Social Justice 


Curriculum Development For Integrated Mindfulness Practice


This training includes two day-long workshops, that book-end six weeks of online study.  You will be immersed in a rich community forum where learning will be anchored in personal practice. This program is not an introduction, it is a full coverage of the material offered by most year-long mindful teacher certification programs. 





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