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Most graduates from clinical programs have very few options for mentorship or training in private practice management. 

We believe that training civic-minded clinicians to be confident business owners produces more access to restorative havens for mental health support for marginalized communities. 

Start growing UR private practice today!


Our clinical groups effectively nurture the ability to support the destructive results of internalized racism, homophobia, transphobia, and challenges faced by BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals. We prioritize the recruitment of therapists from these same communities.


Our team of trained therapists, talented marketers, and seasoned business leaders deliver guidance that builds the caseload that transitions with you, along with a solid process that will keep your practice thriving for years to come.


Courtni Hawkins

This community nurtures restorative clinical care and justice for marginalized folx, the program spoke to my personal mission and it has exceeded my expectations.   


Michael Khayat, LMFT

As one of the first Alumnus Business Owners of the program, I am honored to be back in the community for Clinical Supervisor Mentoring, this clinical team is amazing!

Jamie Krause, LMFT

My three years in this program are invaluable, not only did I develop confident business management skills, I learned how to be a better therapist. 

ac tien headshop_edited_edited.jpg


Accessible therapy is about thinking outside the box, this program teaches you how to be truly accessible and fiscally stable, and I am honored to be an Alumnus Business Owner.

Alike Chandler

I can't imagine my journey without the support in this community, the clinical team makes diversity real and embodied and I love that about this program.

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alike chandler_edited.jpg

Our clinical team manages the ethical care of all people with a desire to thrive and obstacles in the way of that path including symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, developmental trauma, and injuries from systemic racism or cultural oppression.
We offer crisis management within outpatient boundaries including active suicidality and we bridge our clients to intensive outpatient program providers when a need for a higher level of care becomes apparent. 

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