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Youth Resilience Program


Resilience is the ability to stay focused, curious and optimistic even in the face of challenges. Resilience is a learnable set of skills and we are passionate about bringing these skills to youth!


At growURpotential, we know the impact of ART. Creative expression has always been about feelings, and we use creative expression to help youth build awareness about their feelings. 


One of the reasons that most people and youth, in particular, get stuck in a limited range of expressing their feelings and emotions is because they want to avoid the feelings of vulnerability, doubt, fear, and uncertainty. These feelings are the unpacked emotions of trauma/anxiety. Being aware of these feelings and the blocks they cause in connecting and relating with others is the beginning of broadening responses to the challenges we find uncomfortable and threatening.  

Our Youth Resilience Program improves confidence, self-compassion, and empathy. 

By learning how to deconstruct the "artist block" of being reactively trapped in repetitive patterns with a limited range of responses to feelings generated by uncertainty and the unknown our students learn to embrace the anxiety that is generated by creativity (the creative process).


When youth can express themselves clearly, when they can feel heard and understood, hope happens. And we have consistently found that this awareness improves mental health. We believe Youth deserve to trust their potential is real.


Who is this Youth Resilience Program for?


This Youth Resilience Program is designed to empower at-risk youth. Both delivery methods, global and intensive, follow a curriculum to elevate self-regard and perception of individual potential. 



What will students learn?


Our counselors deliver hands-on experiential learning alongside thought-provoking explorations that enhance self-directed behavior management. Students grow focus, build confidence, and elevate socialization skills while cultivating leadership qualities, diversity competence, and emotional intelligence.


View our Youth Resilience Program brochure for details about our curriculum.



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