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As mentors, healers, doulas, nurses, pastors, organizers, and mental health partners, we are always growing on purpose to keep pace with the community we serve, and growURpotential is honored to host this collaborative space for Healing Justice Warriors. We trust that healing work is labor and that ongoing resources keep us glowing. 

It has long been understood that Acting, Performance Training, and Play Therapy help bodies move into states of confidence and wellbeing better than talking. Activities like Improv, Forum Theatre, and Games With Strangers help bodies move into confident agility, ease at optimism, and increased empathy. When healers trust that emotional labor is clean pain, they show up for healing work refreshed more often. 

These opportunities are for YOU if: 

  • YOU like Mindfulness and want to expand Self-care Confidence

  • YOU trust Whole Body approaches to wellbeing like Yoga and Swimming

  • YOU seek a community of Healers that serve Social Justice and Healing Justice priorities


October 19th is a day-long in-person opportunity to experience LIVE somatic activities for BIPOC Care providers, hosted by theatrical professionals who understand full body expression and the ways it nurtures self-confidence and emotional resilience. There is no room for spectators, all who attend must particip. We will honor scholarships in the order in which they arrive, the deadline is September 1st.

We also host VIRTUAL opportunities to experience Improv for Mental Wellness, hosted by performing artists who understand the value of full body expression for self-confidence and emotional resilience.

We welcome Community Partnerships!

Community Partnership is essential to growURpotential's mission and we are a preferred partner for psychotherapy and programming for nonprofits serving marginalized, under-resourced, and justice-oriented communities committed to quality care and ethical professional development.

For people of BIPOC heritage the fee for this daylong retreat including boxed lunch is $150

For people who identify as Ally to QTPOC, the fee for this daylong retreat including boxed lunch is $300

For anyone who finds the fee to be a hardship we offer a scholarship application with a deadline of March 15, 2024

The location for this event will be disclosed to approved participants. The location is an outdoor space within 20 miles of Leimert Park, Inglewood, South LA, and Watts. 

More about the LIVE events activities

Character Development comes from the school of thought for authors. Stories are about people, and writers use training related to bring their imaginations to life in the characters they develop. This same training helps us practice pulling our won imaginations into clarity and focus. If you can see it, you can create it. All bodily activities that elevate awareness of our embodied wisdom is worth the investment. We invite any who self-identify as a Healing Justice Care Partner to join us in this experience oriented opportunity. 


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