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Our Board

Finding Inspiration Is a Collaborative Effort

We are honored to have a Board of Directors that are dedicated to our mission and our vision.

In collaboration with our Founders and Clinical Team, this board has shaped progress into this sixth year of operations. 

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Jamaica Carter

“I met Meisha in justice organizing work in 2017, she has been my mentor and I have been hers. Secure attachment starts with mutual respect and blooms into love when you trust the process. I am honored to serve as her backbone and growURpotential’s board president.”

Jamaica Carter is a Social Justice Strategist with lived experience developing and implementing strategic DEI projects and solutions, particularly in government and nonprofit sectors. For more than a decade, she has crafted and executed racial justice and social justice-focused curriculum, driving change in schools and organizations. Jamaica’s lived experience includes meaningful organizational transformation, she is a seasoned engineer of team cohesion in governmental agencies, and excels in equity-minded workplace policies and leadership development. Jamaica earned her Masters degree in Social & Cultural Analysis of Education from Cal State Long Beach.


Bernard Rogers

"I have known and respected David for many years and I am honored to bring my human resources experience to his vision.  When you invest in the impact of minds and hearts you can't go wrong, when you do that as part of a collective you are bound to produce powerful outcomes."

Responsible for leadership development and training oversight for more than 30 years, Bernard Rogers . Newly retired, Benard holds Deacon responsibility for his church and maintains relationships within Johnson County NAACP where he holds Chair of Religious Affairs. Bernard has lifelong civic investments, grounded in the belief that any company is a microcosm of society. His investment in mental health community resourcing began early in his career, and in his parenting chapter, he became a Special Olympics advocate and coach, honored by the State Attorney General for exceptional civic investments. Bernard earned a Bachelor's degree in Business, with an emphasis on Economics,  from Western Illinois University.

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Saraina Thrasher

HealthCare IT professional and Board Member since 2022

Saraina is a HealthCare IT professional for more than 20 years, with a consistent focus on improved patient care, quality, and outcomes. She empowers clinical providers with expert EMR guidance and training. She also guides personality instruments as they relate to improving business collaboration. Saraina is currently an IT professional at Keck Medicine of USC, LA with oversight of AI Video production, Training Program Development, systems Curricula Development, and hospital-wide training. Saraina has been consistently connected to EPIC & Cerner Software Certifications since 2011, holds several ATD certifications, earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, and is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

Accountant Records

Abrams, Foster, Nole

& Williams PA

Certified Public Accountant firm for this organization since 2020

This minority-owned certified public accounting firm, founded in 1983, provides growth and development support for African Americans including audit, accounting, tax and business advisory services.

From 2017-20 this organization was supported by Clem Payne Jr, Certified Public Accountant.  Mr. Payne retired in 2021 after several decades in service to tax accounting and audit accounting to nonprofit clients.


Shaunda Hamilton

“My lived experience of violence perpetrated against innocent bystanders, my own healing and grief journey inspires my support of trauma resourcing and moves me to advocate for others in similar circumstances. I am aligned in heart, action, accountability, and mission with growURpotential. "

Shaunda Hamilton is the co-founder of Boone County Community Against Violence, a non-profit organization that advocates for communities impacted by violence,  grief, loss and traumas. Shaunda is also the owner of Cypress Business Consulting, LLC, a dynamic coaching and consulting firm that develops solutions for unique objectives for government agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs with the mission to catalyze collaborative relationships between private, NGO, and public enterprise. Shaunda’s quality management and process improvement experience spans over 20 years, she holds a degree in health information management, Certified Victims Advocate, and Certified Non-Profit Executive.


Dedrian Small-Hays

"As a youth advocate for my entire life I am honored to support the expansion of access to vital care for families, youth and schools in vulnerable communities. Better still I love that somatic awareness is growing and resources are a priority for strategic leaders who understand the power of justice."

Dedrian is a community activist deeply committed to academic success for students from marginalized communities who has personally mentored more than 500 undergraduates. She has been connected to The Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL) since 2005 and in 2010 she became a consultant for College Preparation Services. Today, Dedrian's own nonprofit organization Platinum Scholars College Prep builds upon her knowledge of academic nourishments and her passion to extend tutoring support into communities that deserve fortification and confidence in their path toward academic success. Dedrian's experience includes capacity building and budget oversight. Dedrian earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Cal State Northridge.


Board Advisors

We build solutions anchored in lived experience from across the lifespan. We create sustainable pathways for intergenerational needs and participants. We hold firm alliance and priority for people of color & members of LGBTQIA2S+ community, including allies.

Our partners are intersectional and collaborative on purpose. We embrace workgroup approaches that resource projects using the MOCHA model, for projects requiring multiple stakeholders' engagement and contributions. The MOCHA model reduces labor while maximizing stakeholder contributions.  

Accounting Documents

Monique Jones

Certified Bookkeeper for this organization since 2019

Ms Jones is a valued Bookkeeping Consultant for this organization and a valued ally to fiscal stewards and nonprofit administrators. 

Our Community Partners

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