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Bilateral Stimulation & Trauma Recovery

If you know what deep brain stimulation is or how neuroplasticity works then expect to understand Bilateral Stimulation [BLS] with ease.

We don't know how much we don't understand the brain. FaReal tho. Neuroscience is happy to report how much more we know, but most dodge the responsibility to inform learners how much is NOT understood about optimal brain performance, which many of us call wellbeing.

The brain loves free-associative process but we don't know why. The brain loves calming activities or substances but we can only speculate about why the brain responds in certain ways to stimuli. What does seem clear ~ the mind and body respond in predictable ways to stimulation that engages both sides of the brain.

What is BLS?

BLS is any activity that causes stimulation on alternate sides of the body, in even intervals—walking, running, tapping, eye-movement devices, specific BLS audio or video, and BLS pulsing devices. BLS is thought to activate a body state most similar to REM sleep, where our eyes move rapidly back and forth, and we process and integrate information. This analogy supports consistently observed outcomes in EMDR and Brainspotting trauma therapies. Neuroscience is just not capable of expressing why the impact of BLS is so consistent. At growURpotential, we trust your ability to draw your own conclusions. Try it! And if you experience positive results, keep practicing.

BLS Benefits

BLS is a critical component of EMDR, which is endorsed as an effective therapy for PTSD by both the American Psychological Association and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The results are observable to such a degree of consistency that it is the gold standard for trauma integration. BLS is also growing in popularity for self development as explained by Alternating Sounds, a platform that offers "Brain Music" For Healing and Personal Growth.

At growURpotential, we prepare all interested clients for these exceptional benefits by first using talk therapy to identify stuck-points and BLS to address present experiences that relate to identified stuck-points. We then use EMDR to integrate memories and distress related to this brain pathways.

It's a good thing so many try EMDR and Brainspotting without understanding, because the positive outcomes are also unexplainable. We encourage all clients to trust the process and to stay within boundaries for self-guided practice. We encourage zero practice of BLS regarding any memory or experience older than three months, and we only use TICES to process recent memories outside a therapy session.

Many therapists and healing practitioners share BLS content on the internet for free because the calming effect is undeniable. Therapists at growURpotential will guide you to these resources after you understand boundaries.

Stay curious on purpose. Healing is approachable by thousands of paths and you may choose the experiences you wish to try.

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At growURpotential, we trust that many providers understand the value of testing new approaches to healing. We invite you to invest 7 minutes in this video by Vierge Therapy X Wellness: What is Brainspotting Therapy

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