Collaborators for this event:

ArtWithImpact is committed to a future where artists are revered as cultural icons of courage and change, enabling young people to communicate freely and fearlessly about their mental health

KAOS Network creates opportunities for the artistically talented and art enthusiasts of South Los Angeles to enjoy multimedia art disciplines in vibrant community gatherings

COLORS LGBTQ Youth Counseling Services where LGBTQ+ identified youth under 25 in the greater Los Angeles area can receive free, unlimited and LGBTQ+ affirming mental health services

Please join us to celebrate YOUTH Artists in a virtual ART Exhibit May 25th - June 8th

Collaborators for this event endeavor to break down stigmas and offers an opportunity for YOUTH and COMMUNITY to encounter and understand mental health through the lens of contemporary craft. We will expand access to opportunities that inspire interactions with ART.

Character Champions building Compassionate Communities: One Heart At A Time through interactive social and emotional literacy programs, we inspire youth to understand and grow their preferred mindsets

growURpotential Counseling Agency believes community deserves access to culturally competent mental health support, we endeavor to expand that access by nurturing therapists with restorative mindsets

WOCTribal Network believes youth deserve liberation so we support their ability to advocate for self and community through mentoring programs and community events

Inglewood Teachers Association creates partnerships between parents and teachers to improve educational programs that increase student achievement, uplift parenting capacity, and nourish community engagement in Inglewood, California

Renee S. Tate - Well-Play U- Promo Card
Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 10.03.37
Kristin Beech - Well-Play U - Promo Card


If you are in crisis or in need of immediate support please call:

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


6535 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90048


(424) 256-9802



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