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Online Therapy


Skip traffic, parking, and travel time by taking advantage of online therapy for individuals or couples. Telehealth utilizes HIPAA compliant web-based technology that can be accessed from any laptop or smart mobile device.


As a nonprofit community counseling agency, our mission is to make meaningful support accessible to everyone. Online and In-person session fees are based upon an income-driven sliding scale that ranges from $40 - $90 per individual. 


Try it out for $25. Have a real conversation with one of our therapists to discuss your specific issue, click HERE to schedule an appointment today.


Meisha Thrasher



"A good therapist listens, asks open questions, clarifies points made, encourages reflection, avoids advice, challenges beliefs, doesn’t have all the answers, develops trust and respect, is solution-focused, is not judgmental, believes in your ability to be successful and is effective at imparting knowledge."

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