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BIPOC Healing Circles Matter


Join growURpotential in support of black, indigenous, and people of color emotional wellness. Healing Justice is access to emotional resources, skills development, and community assets that impact resilience capasity.

This video explains why: 

We help give the topic of emotion room to be explored in space for BIPOC hearts ready to grow resilience on purpose, ready to destigmatize emotional needs and capacity.

The silent struggle of depression is not new so we support family members connected to BLACK INFANTS AND FAMILIES LOS ANGELES and BIPOC Angelenos who reside in Los Angeles County who want to thrive on purpose because we understand that relationships cause trauma and heal trauma. 

We are also honored to be partners with organizers already in possession of trust with their participants. We are stronger together, Healing Justice is a movement well underway and we are honored to be active in that movement.

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