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Cultivate Mindful Self-Compassion

One of the tools necessary to achieve your best potential is self-compassion. A growing number of researchers, authors and gurus perceive self-compassion to be the most important attribute in the recipe for success. Let's review why and how.

Most define self-compassion as how much you like YOU. How good or worthy you think YOU are. How strong or talented you know YOU are, despite what others might think. Self-compassion means that we show ourselves empathy, tenderness, and unconditional love.

This concept does not translate into “everything I do is wonderful,” but rather, “everything I do is beneficial for growing the me of tomorrow.” Believing you have room to grow, and allowing yourself to fail without harsh judgment is crucial in your personal development toward your best potential.

According to researcher, author, guru, Brene' Brown: there are 10 things we can do that demonstrate a healthy dose of self-compassion. If we can't do any of these 10 things, we have opportunity to grow these skills:

1. Show up!

2. Cultivate authenticity

3. Set boundaries

4. Actively practice gratitude

5. Embrace vulnerability

6. Let go of perfectionism

7. Explore your emotions

8. Build shame resilience

9. Risk failure

10. Don't have any regrets

To learn more, check out this brief video: Brené Brown's Top 10 Rules

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