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Trick UR Procrastination

We all know the struggle.

I have to do X, but I know I can get away with doing it tomorrow, so I put it off. Procrastination is what we do to be kind to ourselves, what we do to lighten our load in the moment. Procrastination is the intentional delay of activation. The problem with procrastination is it lulls us into postponing our fulfillment.

The key to escaping procrastination is applying activation. Activation is real, tangible, energy that translates into motivation or stimulation and it’s scientifically proven to be trick-able! And best of all, the tricks are easy to master.

Trick 1

Make goals small, really small, so small that they never take longer than 10 minutes to complete. And if you can’t get it done in 10 minutes, cut the job into 10 minute segments. Literally use a stop watch, because your brain can’t say “No” to 10 minutes.

This trick also elevates your vision of your goal; you have to really see the goal clearly to be able to identify 10 minutes tasks toward it. The more real your vision, the more likely you are to make that vision a reality. Try it, even knowing the trick won’t make it less effective.

Trick 2

Link your not-so-fun tasks with enjoyable tasks. Write down a responsibility you often procrastinate – exercise, chores, self-exploration… now write down an activity you enjoy – a particular TV show, social media interaction, having a glass of wine. Now, pair your items. Start with just one pair and really plan a way to do the not-so-fun thing before you do the enjoyable thing.

Trick 3

Self-Talk is the way we encourage ourselves and the way we discourage ourselves. Research shows we naturally talk ourselves into and out of everything we do. So invest in learning how to be your own best coach. Explore your personal motivations so you can remind yourself of them often. Master your ability to squash doubt and defeating ideas, and grow skill at fortifying yourself with supportive affirmations.

All these tricks seem easy enough? But how do you develop a plan to put them to use in your life? If you want to see how we help you shape that kind of plan, arrange a FREE Consultation today.

At growURpotential, we trust that many providers understand the value of testing new approaches to healing. We invite you to invest 7 minutes in this video by Vierge Therapy X Wellness: What is Brainspotting Therapy

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