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5 Reasons Psychological Assessments Empower Black and QTPOC Mental Health CARE Access

Understanding inequitable access to healthcare is cultural competence and growURpotential is committed to spreading the word!

History & current practices inform the masses that bias and fear keep black families and QTPOC from care utilization. Research that supports bias and systemic harm is mounting as Allies seek to disrupt medical and institutional oppression.

Did you know that participation in psychological assessments helps this disruption? Let’s explore 5 ways we empower ourselves and our communities by saying yes to psych evals:

1. We get to know ourselves better, name our strengths, grow awareness of our innate capacities, and see our progress toward wellness in evidence-based formats that lead to better funding and better resources. Most psychological assessments are administered before care and after care, so when we understand the results we can see our real potential on display.

2. DATA about us demonstrates our capacity for progress and motivates onlookers to stay invested in our access to well-being resources. Capacity-building investments will change the landscape of equity in America, and our participation is a political statement: Capable people can reach their potential with the right support.

3. CARE providers who advocate for justice are proud of the DATA they generate. At growURpotential, we are confident that our trauma care impacts real change for the clients we support, and we trust that our DATA helps us prove that.

4. For too long, stigma has prevented many from reaching for the care they deserve. We trust progress is proof that nothing is wrong with our brains. We learn, we heal, we empower from intentional investments in ourselves and our community and our surveys help us tell a different story about our resilience.

5. We are an anti-oppressive CARE provider that honors confidentiality in ways that protect the dignity and the legal privileges that have been hard-won. Our example calls other providers into accountability.

We thank you for trusting us with your DATA and allowing us to represent you well.


At growURpotential, we trust that many providers understand the value of testing new approaches to healing. We invite you to invest 7 minutes in this video by Vierge Therapy X Wellness: What is Brainspotting Therapy

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