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We provide culturally affirming care to individuals, couples, and families who want to thrive on purpose. Our care is accessible for most because we use an income-based sliding scale. Have a real conversation with one of our therapists... 


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Train with Us

Our clinical training program is somatic-oriented because we prioritize trauma resolutions. Our alumni are sought-after professionals with cultural flexibility and a depth of trauma integration skills made confident by our program. 

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We are a nonprofit entity and we are out-of-network for all insurance carriers so we rely on civic investments to provide care for our community.  We invite investments in a future that is JUST for clinicians and clients that deserve capacity support.  


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The Problem

Problem 1

QTPOC & Black communities are slow to access mental health resources because of harms & stigmas that persist in healthcare inequality

Problem 2

Social and Emotional Resourcing for YOUTH in Los Angeles County is a critical need and we understand the power of capacity investments. 

Problem 3

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the USA for LGBTQ Black Youth and resources that build connection and resilience are a valid deterrent

Who We Serve

Historically Oppressed Groups That Deserve Resources & Community Engagement


THERAPY and SUPPORT GROUP hours donated during the COVID PANDEMIC  


LGBT YOUTH & FAMILIES served in our Family Reunification Program and Groups


CARE Partners served, energized and empowered with SELF-COMPASSION resourcing since 2017


ANGELINOS who have  self-directed to our AGENCY for Individual or Family CARE since 2016


STUDENTS who received school based care, emotional mentorship or resourcing since 2016

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Who We Are 

Therapists Who Dismantle Trauma
With Empathy, Somatic Awareness,
& Cultural Flexibility

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Alumni Members of Our
Clinical Traning Program

In Collaboration

We Have Partnerships with Organizers 
That Have Earned Respect

We trust that YOUTH deserve mental fitness resourcing and courageous conversations that build connection and social ease. 

ProjectQ Salon and Community Center prioritizes QTPOC youth that are housing insecure. Educating Students Together is missioned to increase graduation rates for system-impacted youth. Black Feminist Futures envision a world where Black girls and gender-expansive folks are safe.


When our programs intersect, we bring quality CARE to the bodies that deserve it most. Click HERE for more details

We help give the topic of emotion room to be explored in space for and by BlackMEN to destigmatize emotional needs and capacity.


The silent struggle of depression in men is not new so we support men connected to BLACK INFANTS AND FAMILIES LOS ANGELES  and BlackMEN who reside in Los Angeles County who want to thrive on purpose because we understand that relationships cause trauma and heal trauma. Click HERE for more details.

ART has the power to reshape mental health, stigma, connection, and our ability to express ourselves. The Crockpot & JuiceJoint have nurtured a community of black artists in Los Angeles for over a decade. Kaos Network has nurtured Leimert Park's many artistic expressions for three decades.


We collaborate to reach hearts already connected to spaces of liberation to expand trust and fulfill our mission to expand mental health access in Los Angeles County. 

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We are grateful to the Max & Pauline Zimmer Family Foundation, the Black Equity Collective, and The Amity Foundation for investments that make us capable of this work.  We are grateful to SISTAHFRIENDS Women's Counseling and Eldercare Management and Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches for being mentors and fiscal partners.  We are stronger together and we are honored for the diversity in our collaborative relationships. 

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