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Consent to Record Therapy Sessions

Therapy is a space protected by confidentiality and your therapist holds that agreement with you very sacred. Because this is a training site, your therapist will record sessions, with your permission, to help them serve you better and to review only for educational purposes. 


Viewers of the video file(s) may include supervisors, professors, and peers in clinical training meetings. All viewers of the video file(s), including your therapist, are bound by laws in California and the ethical standards of the American Counseling Association to keep medical information private. Our video file(s) are stored and destroyed in ways that protect your medical record rights in California.


By signing our consent form, in the section for Consent to Record Therapy Sessions you are delivering a digital signature that grants consent for recording your sessions at growURpotential. If you choose not to grant this consent you may decline the signature and make your therapist aware of your decision. 

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