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Therapy is the resource most of us don't know we deserve. Start with a consultation request at

the bottom of this page to learn how this process can fortify your ability to thrive on purpose. 

Our agency provides 100% online-therapy to protect all parties. 


Everyone encounters confusion and uncertainty at some point in life and it's natural to want support during these times. If you are struggling, we can help. Anxiety, depression, grief, defeated confidence, and hopelessness are all natural consequences of trying to resolve our issues alone. No matter your issue, supportive counseling can restore hope and unearth solutions that lead to better wellbeing.


Collaboration with a skilled therapist cultivates insight and develops perspective, which can make all the difference between frustration and confidence. A skilled therapist can help you discover who you are now, how you want to grow, and help you achieve that growth. More importantly, this type of collaboration helps you improve your ability to navigate a mindful life, make choices you feel confident about, and approach change with more ease.


Take the brave first step, schedule an appointment today.


Relationships are the most rewarding and the most challenging interactions we have in our lives. Disharmony in a relationship is painful and often leads to one or both partners feeling discouraged. Couples have the power to recreate their relationship when fortified with the right support. Learning to resolve problems and interact in healthy ways produces security and comfort within a partnership.  


Our therapists bring a rich understanding to couples who want to bridge communication gaps, heal injuries, and build powerful skills for better relating. We are experienced in the nuanced obstacles specific to LGBT, non-monogamous, and non-traditional partnerships, and we are poised at finding solutions that fit each couple's unique values and priorities.


Let us help you find the hope and courage to reinvent your connection to one another, schedule an appointment today.

FAMILY Therapy

We are experienced in the nuanced obstacles specific to LGBT families, adoptive families, blended families, and non-traditional families. We are poised at finding solutions that fit your family's unique values and priorities, and we are motivated to help you find the hope and courage to reinvent your connection to one another.


We also provide Custody Mediation for parents who want support creating, modifying or navigating a parenting agreement. We are knowledgeable about best practices for collaborative parenting and our mediation services are unrelated to the court and considered by the court to be confidential counseling. 


If you are ready to get started… schedule an appointment today.

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