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Youth Resilience Program


Resilience is the ability to stay focused, curious and optimistic even in the face of challenges. Resilience is a learnable set of skills and we are passionate about bringing these skills to youth!


This Youth Resilience Program is designed to help students develop the skills needed to create positive outcomes in the face of significant adversity. When we are faced with adversity, it is our fundamental nature to respond with aggression or withdrawal, sometimes we flat-out-freeze. These automatic responses make us feel vulnerable, but growing resilience skills will help youth exercise more control, increase their confidence, elevate their empathy, and expand their optimism.


The Mindfulness In-Education movement, the Social and Emotional Learning movement, and Trauma-informed Approaches to Learning all have the same goal: to teach youth how to self-regulate emotions so they are capable of productive learning and academic progress. This program is Social Justice in action and we aspire to elevate ability in students to thrive.


Less frustration leads to less disruptive behavior and very quickly translates into calmer, more effective classroom environments. The proof is overwhelming that our approach works at reaching students and we are proud to be partners with a growing number of community partners. 


This program is currently delivered to students in the Inglewood Unified School District. In this partnership, we join motivated professionals to support and nurture our youth's capacity to thrive. We are especially grateful to the Zimmer Family Foundation for making our pilot program possible.  


Who is this Youth Resilience Program for?


This Youth Resilience Program is designed to empower at-risk youth. Both delivery methods, global and intensive, follow a curriculum to elevate self-regard and perception of individual potential. 


What will students learn?


Our counselors deliver hands-on experiential learning alongside thought-provoking explorations that enhance self-directed behavior management. Students grow focus, build confidence, and elevate socialization skills while cultivating leadership qualities, diversity competence, and emotional intelligence.


View our Youth Resilience Program brochure for details about our curriculum.

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